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Top Personal Chef in West Hartford

The best thing about having a personal chef is the incredible personalised value you get for your money. You get to watch your diet and consume fresh meals prepared from fresh ingredients and products. At My Family Favorite I offer state of the art cuisine experience that will not only leave you full and happy but also satisfied with my services. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to eat outstanding healthy and freshly prepared meals. I are based West Hartford and you can also call me on +18609388923 to learn more about my services.

Designing the perfect menu

Choose me to get a range of pricing options – all offering stellar quality but some are more suited to a smaller budget and others are for splashing out on a seven-course extravaganza. I am friendly and approachable and want to do my best for customers, so if you have any questions just call me and I can create the right menu for you and the event you have in mind.

A Cookbook Author

A cookbook or cookery book person in the kitchen is refer or reference containing or have contained recipes. Cookbooks may be written by one author who may be a chef or just a plan food lover; they may be written by a collectives; or they my wish to be anonymous.


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